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My name is Zoe Sivell and I live in Beckenham with my husband David and two children George and Edie-Mae.
I originally became a childminder in April 2008. From the very start I had 6 lovely children on roll. Two siblings aged 6 months and 18 months, a child aged 4 whom I would also drop off and collect from Pre-school and two boys aged 4 whom I would drop off and collect from Balgowan Primary School.
Unfortunately in late 2008 due to personal reasons I had to give up childminding and returned to work as a Management Accountant. I always knew that one day I would return to childminding.
My family is now complete and I will not be having any more babies of my own so it is time for me to return to childminding and look after someone else's baby/child.
Please see below a link to my first Ofsted inspection report which was carried out in my first week of childminding in 2008.

Please see link to my recent Ofsted inspection report which was carried out January 2017. Achieved Ofsted grading of "Good". 

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 Why I Enjoy Working With Children

I love the way children react to having experienced something for the first time. How proud they feel when they have learnt/achieved something new. Their naivety is so endearing, the fact that they believe in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Father Christmas Etc. I believe working with children is fun, exciting and most of all rewarding.

What Makes Me A Good Childminder

I am a very calm, patient, fun, creative and sincere person. These qualities enable me to help teach the children their ABC, 123, reading, writing, telling the time in a fun way. I openly encourage children to dress up and use their imagination for make believe play with me taking part. Being a creative person myself I very much enjoy teaching the children various creative activities. I am extremely organised and good at setting out plans/routines for each day/week. I am observant by paying attention to each child's strong points and help them progress in these areas, as well as giving extra support in the areas they are weaker in. 
I enjoy all aspects of being a childminder it is a pleasure watching the various developments of each child.

Please take a look at my credentials page for qualifications achieved.

 My Family

My husband David is very supportive of my decision to return to childminding. 
David is a very well known Magician in the area known as "David Klass - Klassy Magic". As well as performing at adult magic functions, David is very popular and is booked for a lot of children's birthday parties. 

My son George (born September 2009) and my daughter Edie-Mae (born December 2011) both attend Marian Vian Primary School. George is a fun loving boy and Edie-Mae is very social and likes singing, dancing and acting. They both enjoy the company of other children.

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