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In accordance with Ofsted regulations and Pacey guidelines both the parent(s) and I have to complete and sign a legally binding childminding contract. The contract sets out the terms and conditions of the agreement between the parent(s) and me, and will be renewed on an annual basis.
The days and hours required together with any other requirements such as meals will be discussed during the interview and will form part of the contract between the parent(s) and me.

All children have a "settling in period" of 4 weeks. This enables both parties to not only satisfy themselves that the child is settling into the new environment well and fitting in with the other children in my care, but also that the parent(s) have not requested too many or too few hours to cover their daily routine. 

Notice Period
With the exception of the "settling in period", I require 4 weeks written notice to change or terminate the contract. If the child ceases to attend before the four weeks has ended, the hours that they would have attended remain payable.
In normal circumstances I will give 4 weeks notice to terminate the contract. However I reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately with out notice if fees are regularly late or payments are returned by my bank and/or I am physically or verbally abused by the child or parent(s)

All children have a "settling in period" of 4 weeks, during which time either the parent(s) or I may end the agreement without giving a reason or any notice. 

The days and hours detailed in the contract form the minimum payment I will receive, whether or not the child attends for all the contracted hours. Please note there is no discount or given if the child is collected early.
Additional hours over and above the contracted hours can not be guaranteed but can usually be accommodated if requested in advance. If additional hours are requested on a regular basis I will require that the childminding contract be amended with immediate effect to reflect these additional hours and they will become chargeable as above.
If there is a change in circumstances and less hours are required (for example the child starts school/preschool) the contract may be amended (with 4 weeks notice) to reflect this and the new hours charged accordingly.

Invoices are prepared and issued a week in advance of the date they are payable. The invoices detail the contracted days/hours, any additional hours of care and will show all applicable rates together with a total amount payable. Charges are payable for late payments and will be billed at a rate of £5.00 a day.

Fees and Payment
All fees are payable in arrears, monthly by cash or bank transfer. Unless previously discussed and agreed, if fees are not paid on time, I will not admit the child.

I charge a minimum of 2 hours per child per day for the days they attend. Fees are calculated daily and strictly rounded up to the nearest half an hour.

Basic hourly rate (1st child) between the hours of 8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Thursday - £6.50
Basic hourly rate (2nd child) between the hours of 8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Thursday - £5.00
Overtime hourly rate before 8.00am or after 6pm - £8.00

My fees are fully inclusive of all food, drink and toiletries with the exception of nappies and formula milk. Nappies and formula milk are to be provided by the parent(s) each day.

Normal contractual charge is payable during any holidays taken when I would normally mind the child. I DO NOT expect to be paid when I am on holiday.

Preschool Attendance
Drop off and collection - I will not be able to fill this space with another child therefore the normal contractual charge is payable from the time the child is dropped off to me and collected from me.
Collection only - the normal contractual charge is payable from the time the child's preschool session ends to when the child is collected from me.
Drop off only - the normal contractual charge is payable from the time the child is dropped off to me and up to the time the child's preschool session begins. If the time is less than two hours then my minimum charge of 2 hours will be payable at the normal contractual charge.

If the child should become ill and needs collecting early from preschool I can be the first contact if I drop off and collect the child.
For children that are collection or drop off only then I am only available if my Ofsted ratios allow me to do so and any extra time that I care for your child will be charged at my overtime rate of £8.00 per hour.

Normal contractual charge is payable during any sickness the child may have. This is the case whether they have to be collected part way through the day or if they don't attend at all. I DO NOT expect to be paid if I am too ill to look after the child.

Parents booking my services far in advance of the date of the child's start date will be asked to pay a retainer representing 50% of the anticipated fees for that period to guarantee their place.

Holiday Allowance
I will give at least 4 weeks notice of any planned holidays I intend to take through out the year.

Every year I will be on holiday for the week between Christmas and New Year. This time of year is a special time for me as I am busy spending time with family and friends.

Additional Information
Please dress your child appropriately for lively (and potentially messy) activities. Although I provide bibs for feeding and aprons for activities, it is inevitable that the children will get grubby and there is a possibility that clothing may become stained. We also play outside as often as possible and again clothes may become dirty or stained.

All children need to bring at least one spare set of clothes in a named bag. Younger and especially potty trained children may need more changes of clothes.

All children should bring a jacket/coat, warm hat, scarf, gloves and Wellington boots for wet/cold weather.
All children should bring an appropriate sun-block/cream and sun hat for hot weather.

When dropping your child off please let me know in advance if it will be different to our agreed contracted time. If you arrive unexpectedly early I may not be ready to care for your child. If you arrive later than expected, I may have routines of taking children to school/preschool and therefore I will not be able to wait for you.

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